Wolves in Sheep clothes
Disguised wolves among the Lord's family.

Jesus Christ the Saviour, the apostles Paul, Peter, John, and James all in their speeches and letters to believers cautioned them to be wary of fake prophets, pastors and teachers who will infiltrate their ranks.


Their caution was that many people were going to come in the name of the Lord Jesus but shall all be like wounded wolves seeking to devour their prey. Mat:7:15

The Christian faith of late has seen many people professing to be ministers of the gospel rather gone wild in their supposed pronouncements known to be prophetic words from the Lord.

Just to mention a few observation, let’s look at a few of them:

Prophesies: All over the world people have tried to prophesied on the second coming of Christ, to the extent of giving the exact time and date the Christ would be making His second coming.

The Scriptures tells us no one knows the exact date or time, except the sign and warnings given by the Lord Himself. Beware! Mat_24:24


In Ghana, it is obvious many men and women have tagged themselves as prophets and prophetess of God, yes, I believe in prophecies but not the kind we have been witnessing in Ghana, Nigeria and elsewhere.

Is it not common to find these prophets prophesying about the deaths of certain celebrities and VIPS?

Why for popularity or what?

Miracle Workers: Hey! I also believe in miracles and I am a beneficiary of many miracles from the Lord and have been personally used by God to performed miracles.

The Scripture tells us to watch and pray. Oh yes, to stand and watch as a watchman on a hill. Be on your guard.

By their fruits (actions) you will be able to spot them.

Consider the way they do their things.

Compare with the Scriptures.

You shall find the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The crave for Wealth (Is it a job for the boys? :

Many of the young ones all over and especially Ghana and Nigeria (sorry to be using these two countries. I am an African) thing to see an avenue to become wealthy when one becomes a pastor. Those who get disappointed when they see it not as they had thought then resort to seeking help from fetishes, Mallam, sea gods, and goddesses. They seek power to work miracle and also pull the crowd. 1Ti_6:10


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