God's Commandment
The Ten Commandments

By the time the Israelite finish celebrating their 70th anniversary there would be a new Hebrew-English Bible with a distinctly Israeli flavor published.

The anniversary began at sundown Wednesday (April 18) and ended at sundown the following day.

God's Commandment
The Ten Commandments

The Israel Bible “is to be the world’s first Bible to be centered around the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the unique relationship between them,” according to Israel365, the organization that produced it in conjunction with Menorah Books, a division of Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

Christian’s knowledge about the biblical significance of the land of Israel and the Jewish people’s connection to the land, according to Israel365 is based on the text of the 24 books that constitute the Tanakh which is the Hebrew name for the Scriptures, which is known to Christians as Old Testament.

This group’s newsletter is almost read by 350,000 subscribers, the majority of them evangelical Christians — among the strongest supporters of Israel.

Maayan Hoffman, who is the vice president of marketing and brand strategy at Israel365, wrote in The Jerusalem Post that the aim of the new Bible is “to convince a divided Jewish people, Christian Zionists and what sometimes seems like an anti-Israeli world that Israel belongs to the Jewish people.”

The founding of Israel, which became a refuge for Jews after the Holocaust, in which one-third of the world’s Jewish population was murdered, is called the Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic) by many Palestinians and others who question Jews’ right to what was once part of the biblical land of Israel.



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