A Single Dad with his daughter.

What is Single parenthood?

Single parents refer to those parents who bring up their children alone without assistance from the child’s other biological parent in the home.

Most of the time, Single-parent families are known by the sex of the one who has the “primary responsibility.” In most cases, they can be either mother-only or father-only families.

Causes of Single Parenthood:

There may be various reasons we have these type of families among societies.

It may be as a result of:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Widowhood
  • Parents being never married.
  • One partner confined in prison for a long time
single mum teaches child

If single parenthood comes as a result of a separation or divorce, the non-custodian parent is still given primary entitlement to spend time with the children and share some part of the responsibility.

It is generally presumed that the divorce rate in developed countries may be higher than those in developing countries; divorced or separated moms usually form the majority part of single-parent families.

This is followed by those who never-married. Many children who are born by parents who don’t get married end up living in a single-parent home after parents are separated.

However, in case there is a remarriage, this may only be a temporary situation after they have moved into a two- part parenting family, with either biological parent or a step-parent.

The increasing number of single motherhood comes as a direct consequence of unplanned or accidental pregnancy or from a decision not to marry.

The number may include teenage mothers who are reluctant to marry. Older women whose marriage may delay because of a career opportunity.

Non-marital childbearing is most often common because of the many employment opportunities that may come for women and the availability of welfare benefits that may be due to the single mom to set up her own households.

There is the effect of pressure from society, parents and peers on women and men to get married and give birth. This usually leads people to get into relationships only for child bearing without considering marriage.

Negative Effects of Single Parenting:

Although you may not be the best mum. Taking the necessary steps to minimize the negative effects of single parenting such as these is encouraged:

  1. Financial Problems:

There is the possibility that the single parent may have financial issues and may have to work for longer hours in order to meet the family’s financial obligations.

  1. 2. Low Parenting Quality:

Due to long absence from home resulting from single parent’s long working hours, the time that may be spent with the child at home will be shorter.

Certain important functions at school may also be missed by the parent. In effect, child training and response may be low.

It is always better to take time out and find ways to have an individual time with each of your children if they are more than one.

  1. Children and Divorce:

Children who grow out of divorced marriage often suffer from the ability to adjust from the problems of the breakup and may feel ashamed and feel resentment when in the midst of the friends who live with both parents.

Such children need counselling and extra care from the parent.

  1. Emotional Problems:

The child is likely to face some problems of self-esteem.

They may be seeking for affection and if they don’t get it from the parent, they will seek it from outside

This is also likely to affect their future marriage if the appropriate corrective measure is not taken.

  1. Loneliness:

The most challenging part of single parenthood is the absence of sharing difficult times and happy moments with the spouse, especially, if this is resulting from a spouse death or tragedy. It is often even harder for the parent to bear all the responsibilities that come along.

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